Four years ago we presented you with our project for the Formentera we all want, and that’s why we asked you to participate actively. Four years later, thanks to all of you who trusted us, this Formentera we all dream of is slowly becoming a reality.We said that we would work for the people as a top priority. And from those words and good intentions, we have past to the work that has been done. This work is necessary, but not enough, because there is still a lot to be finished and even more to be started.We’re half way there and we’re stronger than the first day: stronger as we see the transforming potential that the enthusiasm and compromise give us when this enthusiasm and compromise are the engines of our daily work. That’s why we created Gent per Formentera, and with this same idea we face the new election.

We said we would do the Council and we have done it.Today, Formentera is known for what it is, an island, and as such it is self governed. Facilities and infrastructures have been created.There is now order where before there was none.The environment has been looked after.The Territorial Insular Plan,which will be the base of Formentera’s present and future Progress, has been done, together withmany other things we will explain to you throughout this publication and these campaigning days.This is why we ask you for a bit of your time, not only so we can explain what we have done, but also what we can do.

Four years ago we said we were presenting an enthusiastic and well prepared team, and the facts have shown we were right.We are now offering the same team, includingmore young people, in order to assume another four years working for Formentera.And we offer it with the peace of mind that our convictions grant us and knowing that this time we won’t let you down either.

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